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Santa Fe Adobe Basics & Wall Construction Building Site Workshop (Live)

Credits: 3
Format: Building Site Workshop in Santa Fe, NM
Dates: October 3 to 5, 2017
Workload: 8 hours per day (9am to 5pm)
Fee: $225

Description: Adobe in Action's "Santa Fe Adobe Basics & Wall Construction Workshop" is being offered from October 3 to 5, 2017 (Tuesday to Thursday) in conjunction with the upcoming Earth USA 2017 Earthbuilding Conference (taking place from Friday, September 29 to Monday, October 1). This hands-on workshop will teach you the basics of building walls out of adobe blocks and earthen mortar. The workshop is being held at a very special property on the south side of Santa Fe, New Mexico. On day 1 we cover the basics of material selection, soil testing and making your own adobe blocks and mortar. On day 2 we build a short adobe wall applying easy-to-learn techniques which help us keep our brickwork level and plumb. On day 3 we learn how to integrate a wood lintel and window opening into the adobe wall. This is a great opportunity to learn the basics of adobe wall construction in a relaxed setting. More information and an online registration link can be found here.

Topic Overview: overview of the main building components of an adobe house, locating soil and aggregates for adobe construction, performing and evaluating soil tests to determine soil suitability, making a 2-brick adobe form, making a soil screen, mixing soil for adobe blocks and mortar, producing and curing adobe blocks, transporting and storing adobe blocks, testing adobe blocks for strength and water resistance - field and lab tests, calculating adobe blocks and mortar needed for a project, historical overview of different earthen wall construction techniques, overview of common adobe wall thicknesses, constructing and setting up speed leads, mixing earthen mortar, applying mortar to the wall, correct block coursing, leveling and plumbing, cutting adobe blocks, constructing and installing anchor blocks and rough bucks, constructing and installing lintels