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Foundations for Adobe Structures (Online)

Credits: 3
Format: Online (6 Weeks)
Workload: 6-8 hours/week
Fee: $300

Description: This course covers the fundamentals of designing and installing foundations for adobe structures. We define key design and building procedures of a conventional foundation that passes code in New Mexico. We also look at a lower-cost alternative foundation design that can be used when an engineer's approval is obtained.

Topic Overview: historical foundation types found in New Mexican adobe structures - their pros & cons, definition and importance of foundations in the context of earthen and adobe construction, overview of tools for foundation layout and installation, analysis of key foundation rules and regulations in the NM Earthen Building Materials Code, site selection recommendations, detailing recommendations for foundations for adobe structures - stem wall heights, moisture barriers, etc., building and foundation layout process - setting batter boards, finding corners, marking dig lines, low-impact foundation dig methods, design and installation of 'concrete spread footing/CMU stem wall' foundation type, design and installation of 'gravel/trench foundation with concrete grade beam' foundation type, insulation techniques for foundations, calculating materials for foundations, demonstration of the process of obtaining an alternative foundation permit in New Mexico