Mud Talks 5: Guest Interview with Richard Levine (In Memoriam)

Our fifth Mud Talks podcast is dedicated to Richard Levine - the founder of New Mexico Earth Adobes - who passed away on September 30, 2018. This guest interview with Richard was recorded in the spring of 2012 during a work session at Swan House in Presidio, Texas (home of The Adobe Alliance).

Erratum: Richard was 84, not 82 as Quentin states in his introduction. Prices have changed a little at New Mexico Earth Adobes since 2012. Find an updated price list here.

Mud Talks 4: Foundations for Adobe Structures

Mud Talks 3: Raw Materials & Making Adobe Bricks

In our third Mud Talks podcast, Adobe in Action Board President Quentin Wilson introduces us to the raw materials used in adobe construction (clay, sand, straw and water) as well as the basic adobe brickmaking process.

Mud Talks 2: Passive Solar Adobe