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Adobe in Action

It isn't difficult to find areas (both urban and rural) in the United States that are blighted with dilapidated, inefficient dwellings for families with low to moderate incomes. This problem has become exacerbated by our prolonged national economic recession and continued crisis in the housing market. Adobe in Action proposes that empowered citizen volunteers can decidedly assist needy families in a transition to safe, affordable, and energy efficient housing.

Adobe bricks, made from the most basic elements: earth and water, can be made in abundance and then used to build locally where they are needed the most. It has already been demonstrated by indigenous populations throughout the Southwestern U.S. that communities working together can build efficient and sustainable housing. Many pueblos throughout New Mexico are a testament to a synergy between community and sustainability, and adobe exists there as a time-tested and trusted glue.

Our organizational goal is to work intentionally as follows:

  1. Promote economic and community development through affordable adobe home building.

  2. Encourage community participation and volunteer opportunities in efforts to alleviate poverty.

  3. Provide educational stewardship regarding the economic, cultural, and environmental benefits of adobe home building and ownership.

Adobe in Action was the 2011 Conservation Quest Champion Award winner, watch this video to see what we're doing in the community:

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